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Metal Monogram -T-Wine Cork Holders. FREE SHIPPING

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Metal Monogram Wine Cork Holder looks distinctive empty or when filled with tokens from your favorite wines. When you finish a bottle, save the cork and add it to this monogram-shaped frame. Start from the bottom and build your way up. Use a dot of glue on each cork for extra security. 

Detailed Product Specifications

This metal monogram wine cork holder is a top seller and will sell out fast! A fun, unique, and versatile decoration. This is a great gift for the wine lovers out there and it offers a unique way to display "special" wine corks with dates (from anniversaries, birthdays, etc.). Even for those who are not wine lovers, this doubles as a fun and unique decoration. It is even popular for DIY projects, such as drilling in lightbulbs for an affordable and fun alternative to the pricey marquee letter decorations. Measures 12" long with width ranging from 7.75" to 15.375" with varying letters. PLEASE NOTE: This particular listing is for letter "H" only. The letter "S" is pictured as a frame of reference for how the item looks when filled with corks. Letter "S" is not included.

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Ranges from 12"H x 7-3/4" to 15-3/8"

Ready to hang

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